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Cairns Air Compressor Hire

Flexibility of hiring for one day or even a year

Queensland Air Compressors is a team of friendly, experienced and professional people that service, sell and hire a range of quality air compressors and associated equipment.

Whether you require 10cfm or 1300cfm, portable diesel or electric compressors, Queensland Air Compressors can help you with our new reliable range.

We have a large range of modern, reliable Portable Diesel and Electric Air Compressors at extremely competitive rates.

Have a look at the following points and see how we can make your next compressor hire hassle free.

New and Reliable Air Compressor Hire fleet

Compressors serviced every 250 hours

We provide a 24/7 mobile breakdown response

Competitive rates

Quick availability

Available to Hire

Atlas Copco XATS1050 Diesel Air Compressor 1050cfm @ 150psi max

One Available

Sullair 375HHA Portable Diesel Air Compressors 375cfm @ 200psi max

Two Available

Compair C50 Portable Diesel Air Compressors 177cfm @ 115psi max

Two Available

Compair L11CTD 415V Electric 11kw Air Compressor, Tank & Dryer Package 60cfm @ 120psi max

One Available

Champion CSi11CTD 415V Electric Air Compressor, Tank & Dryer Package 60cfm @ 120psi max

One Available

Pilot K50 415V Electric Air Compressor 40cfm @ 145psi max

One Available

Binford V27 415V Electric Air Compressor 28cfm @ 130psi max

One Available

QAC/Pulford T200s 24V Electric Air Compressors 10cfm @ 120psi max

Two Available

"The best possible service from a company small enough to care and skilled enough to get the job done"