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Air Compressor Sales

Being independent, allows us to select whoever we want to partner with.

We are proud to be associated with a ELGi  Australia that has a long history of providing a comprehensive range of quality air compressors built to last. With the edition of the best lifetime warranties and lowest cost of ownership, it makes perfect sense for us to partner with ELGi Australia.

ELGi are only one of five manufactures in the world to produce and build a complete compressor

Excellent ‘Value for Money’ product

Great range of compressed air equipment

Substantial platform for support of their products through offering best in industry ‘Lifetime Warranties’

Keep plenty of critical spare parts and service items in stock in Australia

Plenty of consignment stock compressors available for immediate delivery

Save time & money

We offer a complete compressed air service to include any electrical wiring or connections, refrigerated air dryer services and repairs.

Our aim is to continue our preventative maintenance programs to reduce the risk, too our customers, of requiring re-active maintenance, which means saving money from any preventable costly repairs.

Why ELGi Air Compressors?

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ELGi Oil Air Compressors

ELGi 2-45 Kw Compressor


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ELGi 11-75 Kilowatt Air Compressor


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ELGi 90-160 Kw Air Compressor


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ELGi 200-250 Kw Air Compressor


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ELGi Oil Free Air Compressors

ELGi Oil Free Air Compressor

Single-Stage OF-L Series: 90-300kW
Two-Stage OF Series: 90-450kW
Two-Stage OF-A Series: 45-300kW

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AB Series Oil Free Screw Air Compressors

ELGi Dryers 

ELGi EGRD Dryers

ELGi Air Compressor

Two - Stage Direct Drive Reciprocating Air Compressors

Pulfords Air Compressors

Endurance Piston Compressors

T Series Air Compressors